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If you have not heard about the Acai Berry fruit by now, then you have not been paying much attention to latest trends in health market. Popular as a Super-food, this purple colored berry originates from the Amazon forest of rain and its super rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids. In fact, the Berry Acai fruit has even more than 10 times of antioxidants of red grapes and more than 20 times that of red wine.
Antioxidants are important as they help to reduce the risk of disease like cardiovascular and degenerative diseases like the Alzheimer’s. Antioxidants significantly slow down the aging process which makes our skin look better. The Amino acids are very vital for growth of muscles and the Acai berry fruit’s perfect combination of the essential fatty acids promotes the heart health. It also consists of fiber, which keeps the digestive system healthy and well. The popularity of this purple berry (Acai berry), is attributed to its taste, which is like a combination of berries and chocolate, and its medical and nutritional value. Some of the most popular berry products in the market today are:
1) MonaVie: It is part business, part health product. MonaVie is a fluid blend of 20 juices and herbs, with the berry Acai being the primary component. Due to its multi-level design, you can purchase MonaVie only through a distributor. It is available in a gelly form.
2) Acai Sambozan: It uses only the pure form of Berry Acai. Acai Sambozan includes many of signature products that consist of Acai berry. Smoothies, Juices, and other supplement forms are intended to bring about the best benefits of the berry Acai in an easy way that suits your needs and lifestyle.
3) Berry Power500: It’s a capsule form of the purple berry that is known to flush out excess weight, decrease water bloat, slim the stomach and decreases water retention. This supplement is more popular than other Acai supplements on the market.
4) Pure Acai: This is a capsule form of berry Acai that includes a list of the possible advantages by using the product. Starting from weight loss to reduction in water retention and also regulation of the cholesterol levels, it offers a lot of benefits!
5) Acai Berry Boom: This nutrition supplement is known to have great health benefits of pure Acai berry fruit. A month’s supply costs about $60-$80, but the manufacturers offer very less information which makes it difficult to say exactly which components are present in Berry Boom product.
Remember, some of the supplements’ which offer a free trial, sometimes automatically enroll you in to the auto shipping program. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before going ahead with the purchase.
The best way is to look for Acai products that contain pure berry in pulp or dried form. Capsules can also contain the Berry Acai in these pure forms, so make sure that you read the label of the product before buying it.


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Acaiberry has great antioxidant properties. It's helped me lose considerable weight. see

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Interesting post. It is essential to read. I was wonder what other supplements our brain might need.

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